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Learn more about Wyoming’s annual report requirements.

How to File an Annual Report in Wyoming

Whether your business is a nonprofit, LLC, corporation or partnership, you’ll need to be aware of your annual compliance requirements in Wyoming.

Staying on top of your annual reports keeps your company active and in good standing. If you’re considering skipping this step, the good news is that you won’t be charged a penalty fee. The bad news is that your business will be dissolved or revoked. You have 60 days past the due date before your company is in danger of this fate.

That’s  why keeping track of your annual report due date is of utmost importance. Thankfully, it’s about as difficult as remembering your anniversary–your company anniversary. Your report is due on the first day of the month your business formation documents were officially filed. So if your, company began April 14, 2015, your report is due April 1, 2016. Continue reading

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