About Us

As the State of Wyoming continues to gain a reputation as the best place in the United States to start a business, we at Wyoming.biz decided to start website devoted to those who want to do business here in the Equality State. As far as climate goes, Wyoming can be a harsh state. Brutal, cold winters. Hot, dry summers. To live here, you’ve gotta be tough.

But doing business in Wyoming is a different story.

Not only is Wyoming the place where the Limited Liability Company was first brought into existence (we don’t mind mentioning that it is now the most widely used business entity in the US), but it’s the kind of place where business ideas like the LLC are not only allowed to grow, but encouraged. Whether you’re searching for the state with the best tax environment or want to start a business AND maintain your personal privacy, Wyoming is the place for you.

Here at Wyoming.biz, you’ll find all you need to know about forming, maintaining, and running a business in Wyoming. And best of all, if you read something and have a question, you can not only ask it, but it’ll be answered by one of our business specialists. That’s really what sets us apart from the other guys. They’re static, we’re dynamic. We want our pages to be alive. For that reason, you’ll find no pitches, no sign ups, no calls to action. We are sponsored by Buffalo Registered Agents and think they’re a great company, but we want our site free of sales. We want Wyoming.biz to be the authority on all things Wyoming business and we can only be that if we offer unbiased opinions and honest answers.

We are not attorneys or tax consultants, and everything on this site is opinion and interpretation, but you can be sure we’ve done our research.

So don’t be shy. If you have a question, ask it and we will answer. Your interactions are what breathes life into this site. Thanks for reading and we hope you’ll come back real soon.

Best regards,

The Wyoming.biz Team