Why Choose Wyoming?

Wyoming Means Business

What state is quickly becoming the business capital of America? Would you be surprised if someone told you it was Wyoming? If that’s the case, feel surprised. More and more people each year are realizing that Delaware, Nevada, and Florida—the business hot spots of years past—pale in comparison to the benefits of picking Wyoming as their corporate headquarters.

According to the Wyoming Secretary of State, in 2011, 4,720 LLCs were formed in Wyoming; in 2014, 13,482 were formed. That’s nearly a 200 percent growth rate in three years in LLCs alone. The reason why? There are many different factors at play. Nevada has increased its entity and business license fees to outlandish heights. Other states have introduced more regulations. The Wyoming economy is also a stalwart when it comes to resisting recessions (underspending and lack of debt with do that). Plus, Wyoming’s business benefits are phenomenal. All of this has propelled Wyoming to the best state to incorporate or form your LLC in.  Plus, forming your business entity in Wyoming will only cost you $100 and it will only cost $50 a year to maintain. Delaware? $125.00 to $175,000! Nevada? $325 to the same hundreds of thousands of dollars if you have a lot of shares.

To recap some of the best benefits of forming an LLC in Wyoming or forming a Wyoming Corporation:

  • Only $100 to form your company, regardless of shares or the type you choose (corporation, LLC, LLP, Professional, etc).
  • If you don’t have assets here in WY, you’ll only owe the $50 annual report fee, and you can file it online instantly for an extra $2.00 credit card fee.
  • We have no corporate or personal income tax. We don’t even have Department of Revenue employees for this. Unlike some other “Tax Friendly” states, they do have Department of Revenue employees for various income or franchise taxes. We don’t even have state workers for this, so you know you won’t owe it.
  • You can form an LLC without listing the members or managers on public documents.
  • You can form a corporation without listing officers and directors until the annual report. Thus giving you time as the shareholders to figure these roles out.
  • You can form a closed corporation or a closed LLC for greater asset protection and estate planning.
  • We started the LLC! When other states are ruining their LLC advantages, our local lawyers are making our LLC laws stronger for you.
  • You don’t have to live here or ever come here to maintain your Wyoming company. You just need a registered agent.
  • You only need yourself to own and run your new Wyoming company.
  • It only takes about 2 days to get your new Wyoming business filed with the WYO SOS and they’ll email the filed company articles back to you.

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