How to File an Annual Report in Wyoming

Whether your business is a nonprofit, LLC, corporation or partnership, you’ll need to be aware of your annual compliance requirements in Wyoming.

Staying on top of your annual reports keeps your company active and in good standing. If you’re considering skipping this step, the good news is that you won’t be charged a penalty fee. The bad news is that your business will be dissolved or revoked. You have 60 days past the due date before your company is in danger of this fate.

That’s  why keeping track of your annual report due date is of utmost importance. Thankfully, it’s about as difficult as remembering your anniversary–your company anniversary. Your report is due on the first day of the month your business formation documents were officially filed. So if your, company began April 14, 2015, your report is due April 1, 2016.

How to File an Annual Report in Wyoming

You can file the annual report online or by mail. Online filings cost $2 more, but are much faster.

Wyoming’s online e-filing wizard walks you through each step. You are required to provide:

  • Your company’s principal office mailing address.
  • Your company’s principal office physical addresses.
  • the names and addresses of at least one officer or director, if your business is a for-profit corporation.
  • A breakdown of your Wyoming assets.

If you have assets in Wyoming, this last step is the most complicated part of your report. Your Annual Report License Tax is based your Wyoming assets. If you have a list of your company’s assets handy, such as a copy of your IRS Form 1120 Schedule L, filling out this section is a matter of determining the dollar amount in each category that is located in Wyoming. The annual report wizard adds the amount you enter and calculates your annual report tax, or filing fee.

If your registered agent’s name or address has changed, there’s no space provided on the annual report. Instead you’ll need to file a Wyoming Change of Agent form.

How Much Does the Wyoming Annual Report Cost to File?

If your business is a nonprofit, your filing fee is a $25. For all other business types with Wyoming assets less than $250,000, your filing fee will be $50 (rare entities called statutory trusts have $100 annual reports). From there, the filing fee goes up, multiplying your total Wyoming assets by .0002. If your assets exceed $2,500,000, your fee will be over $500, and you must file your annual report by mail. If you file online, there’s a convenience fee of $2 (or up to $8.95, depending on WY assets).

Your last step will be to either print and mail your report, or confirm, submit and pay online. For online submission, Visa or Mastercard credit cards are acceptable payment forms. If you mail your printed report, you must pay by check or money order, made out to Wyoming Secretary of State.

What Information on the Annual Report is made Public?

Although it isn’t clear when filling out the online form, the breakdown of your Wyoming assets does not go on the public record. The only dollar amount that will appear is the filing fee you paid.

A corporation’s officers and directors, principal addresses, and the person who signs the report are publicly searchable, however.

If you are maintaining an LLC, and are concerned with your privacy, you are allowed to sign the annual report with your company name, not your personal name. This will help to keep your member(s) names off the public record in association with the Wyoming LLC.

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